• i need a dodge! joe strummer on the run  (digipak DVD, £10.75)

    label: Cadiz

    A Tindog Film, produced and directed by Nick Hall, this is the story of Joe Strummer’s self-imposed exile in Granada in 1985/86. Whilst in Spain and needing wheels, tracking down a Barreiros, essentially a European edition of the Dodge-Dart, became a mission. After returning to the UK for the birth of his daughter, Joe couldn’t remember where in Madrid he had left his beloved car. This documentary is partly the story of the search for the car… …and partly the story of Joe’s own search for meaning and redemption in those wilderness years. Edition with colour booklet. DVD Extra Info: Region: 0; System Format: NTSC; Certificate: Exempt; Running Time: 66 minutes; Audio Format: Stereo 2.0; Language: Eng, Spain, Fre, Ger, Ita; Aspect Ratio: 4:3; Colour: Colour; Extras: Interviews with Joe - 30 minutes.

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