• bluetones Return to the Last Chance Saloon (LP, £14.50)

    label: 3 Loop

    The Bluetones are one of the most important and successful bands from the Britpop era and are re-issuing their catalogue and aptly kick things off the glorious Return To The Last Chance Saloon. In 1998, Melody Maker described the album as a “17 year old, good looking and popular” teenager. Now 17 years since its release, has that teenager retained its exciting, fresh and joyous (superior) qualities? Hell yeah!  Return To The Last Chance Saloon is a hit packed, gold selling, Top 10 album that was originally released in March 1998. Featuring the hit singles ‘Solomon Bites The Worm’, ‘If…,’ and ‘Sleazy Bed Track’ plus mail order only single ‘4-Day Weekend’. "Return To.." is as fresh as your first outdoor breath on a crisp spring day, as adrenalising as a five mile freefall into neat vodka and as heartbreaking as finding an ex's hair on a long forgotten shirt.” Melody Maker, 1998. “At times better than anything they've ever done” NME, 1998. TRACK LISTING: SIDE ONE 1. TONE BLOOZE 2. UNPAINTED ARIZONA 3. SOLOMON BITES THE WORM 4. U.T.A. 5. 4-DAY WEEKEND 6. SLEAZY BED TRACK 7. IF... SIDE TWO 1. THE JUB-JUB BIRD 2. SKY WILL FALL 3. AMES 4. DOWN AT THE RESERVOIR 5. HEARD YOU WERE DEAD 6. BROKEN STARR 7. WOMAN DONE GONE LEFT ME

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