• amateur best Marzipan EP (12", £7.50)

    label: Brille

    “‘Marzipan’ is fantastic” - Noisey/ • “David Byrne-worthy summer-soundtrack delight” - Sunday Times/ • “Brilliant” - Dummy/ • Amateur Best is the alias of Birmingham-based ‘personal pop’ musician, songwriter and producer Joe Flory. • The result of three years writing and recording, the 10 tracks that make up ‘The Gleaners’ straddle the fine line between outright ecstasy and muted melancholy. Initially envisioned as a concept album about a charity shop-bought doll’s house, it mutated into a full on dance record. • With the release of new single ‘Marzipan’, Flory presents a remix by Ray Mang (DFA, R&S), who twists the track into a shimmering, disco delight.

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