• say hi Bleeders Digest (CD, £14.95)

    label: Barsuk Records

    Bleeders Digest is their story. It's polaroids of their patience, resilience and wrath. In opening track "The Grass Is Always Greener," the vampires are content with coexisting until the song's protagonist cartoonishly hurls a giant boulder at them (thanks a lot, Jenny). By the time we reach the chugging anthem "Pirates Of The Cities, Pirates Of The Suburbs," the fanged demons have driven most of us from our homes in a bloody wash of brute force and Darwinian eminent domain. Tracks: The Grass Is Always Greener / Itís A Hunger / Creatures Of The Night / Transylvania (Torrents Of Rain, Yeah) / Loverís Lane (Smitten With Doom) / Teeth Only For You / Time Travel Part Two / Pirates Of The Cities, Pirates Of The Suburbs / Galaxies Will Be Born / Volcanoes Erupt / Cobblestones

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