• fay hallam Corona (180g vinyl LP, £17.50)

    label: Blow Up

    + Download Code. Following ‘Lost In Sound’, Fay Hallam’s acclaimed collaboration with The Bongolian, Fay returns to Blow Up Records for a new solo album ‘Corona’. Fay wrote the majority of the songs in a two day whirlwind writing session after returning from a tour of Italy, which ultimately inspired this atmospheric eclectic album. ‘Corona’ has absorbed Fay’s love for the Bossa Nova of Antonio Carlos Jobim and Astrud Gilberto, the experimental productions of the Carpenters and the eclecticism of Beck. There’s even a nod to the 50’s pop of Frankie Laine with ‘Giving Myself Away’ and a sole cover: Paul McCartney’s classic ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ joins the new set of songs. With thoughts still fresh of driving through the Alps and soaking up the ambience, the songs took on a reflective mood displaying a softer, more atmospheric side to Fay’s music. An almost nocturnal feel prevails at times, exemplified by album opener ‘Se mi Ami’, perfect for late night listening, whilst her love for Soul and Rhythm & Blues still shines through on songs such as ‘Let Me Into Your Soul’ and ‘Sunny’ Originally from Wolverhampton, vocalist and keyboard player Fay Hallam has performed over the years in acts such as Makin' Time (with a pre-The Charlatans Martin Blunt), The Prime Movers, Phaze and The Fay Hallam Trinity. She has worked with Billy Childish, Graham Day, Alan Crockford and other luminaries of the Medway Scene where she has lived for many years. She has toured the UK and Europe extensively. ‘Corona’ was produced, recorded and arranged by Fay, with the accompaniment of her group of long time trusted musical collaborators for the performances. Recording took place over several months at various locations with additional production and mixing by Kev Feazey. // "Sumptuous bossa nova soul" Get Into This // “A match made in heaven. It's timeless and that's the secret ....addictive stuff” Blues & Soul // “An immediate pleasure, and wonderfully seductive” Shindig! // “Time-defying soul” 9/10 Vive Le Rock // Tracks: 1. Se Mi Ami(2:40) 2. Sunny (2:55) 3. Soul Revolution (2:56) 4. Arco (2:35) 5. 1000 Blue Ribbons (3:33) 6. Beck (3:24) 7. Lido (2:34) 8. Let Me Into Your Soul (2:58) 9. Giving Myself Away (3:56) 10. Maybe I'm Amazed (3:58) 11. Without A Smile (3:57) 12. Summer's Love (4:29) 13. Stars (3:15)

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