• thee cee cees Solution Songs (CD, £7.75)

    label: Blang

    Thee Cee Cees are a band assembled to give a message. They include respected singer/songwriter Chris T-T, lead guitarist Adam Devlin (ex-The Bluetones), Steve Smiley Bernard (a Joe Strummer and Mescalero drummer) and Paul Weller bassist Andy Lewis among their number. An all-star alt.pop quintet touting a nifty line in supercharged, politically aware R&B with a distinct nod in the direction of Wilko Johnson-era Dr Feelgood. The Message: Ask yourself, who benefits? Ask yourself, where’s this news coming from? Ask yourself, how can we get rid of these self-serving poltroons? Dissention is a sign of intellectual growth, and we are all capable of thinking. Power must be diffused if we are to have an efficient society. A true democracy is one which places a duty on citizens to take part. Free from the stupidity of riches and poverty, we can create a scientific, efficient way of existing. At all times have an analysis. And in the final analysis, this is a Marxist analysis. www.theeceecees.org // “Enough energy and invention to power three-quarters of Europe. Here, we celebrate the successes of the Working Class” DANNY BAKER // “..an in-your-face masterpiece” [5/5] BOFF WHALLEY (CHUMBAWAMBA) R2 MAGAZINE // “..catchy agitprop pop… the activist’s response when Sleaford Mods’ grinding anomie is too much” [4/5] MOJO // Thee Cee Cees blaze with positive drive, Solution Songs brings out the lyricism of their political discourse, fired up with urgency by feisty musical arrangements, ringing the changes. (Louder Than War) // If you're wondering what's happened to genuine political messages with genuine knowledge and experience in popular music, then be assured it's alive and screaming here. (Sounds XP) // While Thee Cee Cees lean to the left, on Solution Songs they’ve got the pop and polemic balance right. (Record Collector) // Tracklisting: 1. Deft Left, 2. Solution Songs, 3. Soap Box, 4. Don’t Call On Rock’N’Roll, Call On G.D.H. Cole , 5. Have an Analysis, 6. Never Cross, 7. Better Than Wages, 8. Vote!, 9. Iain Duncan Smith’s Weeping Haemorrhoids, 10. Ready?, 11. Relentless

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