• tom carter and robert horton Steeljaguar for Rocket (CD, £12.75)

    label: Digitalis

    Charalambides' TOM CARTER and ROBERT HORTON have become close collaborators over the past few years, appearing in a handful of projects together from KYRGYZ (with Jewelled Antler-ites Loren Chasse and Christine Boepple) to MUDSUCKERS (with D. Yellow Swans). But when they are stripped back to a duo, the sonic onslaught is just as dense and impressive. 'Steeljaguar for Rocket' is the second album, following-up 'Lunar Eclipse' on Important Records. Horton again acts as the puppet master, pulling the strings to move each sound into its right place. Expansive improvisations and full-on psychedelic freakouts intermingle, creating a cosmic web of enchanted debris. Fiddler extraordinaire HAL HUGHES adds exponentially to the dynamics at work with his marvellous playing on the title track. The strained violin notes whisk the listener away to the dirt-soaked alleys of Damascus. It's a hypnotic journey through jewel-encrusted foreign lands, like a solo flight to sun.

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