• girl zone!  (180g lavender vinyl LP, £18.95)

    label: big beat

    To bridge the gap until the next volume of our long-running "Where The Girls Are" series is ready to roll, our in-house team have dreamed up this vinyl-only compilation of hand-picked female treasures to keep girl group buffs happy.  Highlights include first-time reissues of the Angels' great version of frat rock nugget 'Louie Louie' and Hollywood-based identical triplets the Drake Sisters' Gold Star-cut rendition of doo wop classic 'Smoke From Your Cigarette'.  Housed in a heavy-duty sleeve sporting an ultra-rare photo of the Drake Sisters, the collection comes with printed inner bag featuring a 2500-word track commentary and some terrific photos. In other words, it's not just great to listen to but a good read and fab to look at too.  TRACKLIST SIDE ONE 1. PANIC-Reparata & The Delrons 2. LOUIE, LOUIE-The Angels 3. HERE SHE COMES-The Darlettes 4. HERE COMES LONELINESS-The Teardrops 5. ITS ALL IN THE WAY (YOU LOOK AT IT BABY)-Mousie & The Traps 6. SMOKE FROM YOUR CIGARETTE-The Drake Sisters SIDE TWO 1. LOSIN CONTROL-The Fashionettes 2. I IDOLIZE YOU-The Charmaines 3. BACKFIELD IN MOTION-The Angelos 4. TOGETHER FOREVER-Pat Powdrill & The Powerdrills 5. IVE GOT A STORY TO TELL YOU-The Kavetts 6. CAMEL WALK-The Ikettes

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