• lycia A Line That Connects (CD, £11.95)

    label: Handmade Birds

    500 ONLY MADE. Features what is considered Lycia’s classic lineup from the mid 90s of Mike, David and Tara. Continuation of the previous work of this collaboration (The Burning Circle And Then Dust & Cold), including final mix by David. Features lead vocals by all three – including first ever Lycia lead vocals for David. Lycia’s most collaborative release ever “features guest backing vocals by Michael Irwin , who is the first person I ever collaborated with (all the way back to either late 1981 or very early 1982). The song A Ghost Ascends is a re-envisioned version of a 1983 collaboration called Ghost In The Tower, which I wrote the music and Michael wrote the lyrics and sang. I reworked the vocals/lyrics for ALTC and asked Michael to do backing vocals.” – Mike VanPortfleet. The Light Room is another old song that was reworked for ALTC. It was written sometime in the mid 80s and never was recorded until ALTC. Also features guest vocals from Sera Timms Black Mare , Ides of Gemini) on the song Hiraeth. Mastered by James Plotkin Features “Silver Leaf” (previously released as a split 7” split with Black Mare on Magic Bullet Records, but recorded during ALTC sessions) . “For over two decades, Arizona's Lycia have been pioneers of “darkwave,” a reverb-drenched, gothic take on dreampop. This is the Cocteau Twins, if they looked so far inward that they began to focus on the darker, downer-ridden side. Along with lovesliescrushing, who freed shoegaze from pop conventions, they became one of the noteworthy and boundary-pushing acts on the goth music label Projekt.[A Line That Connects, their second release for Handmade Birds] is consistent with their past efforts, while remaining an intriguing headphone journey.” –Pitchfork.

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