• donato dozzy The Loud Silence (LP, £16.95)

    label: further

    In April 2015, Donato Dozzy took a set of mouth harps back to his parents' house in the Italian countryside and set about exploring the possibilities of that most basic of instruments. The Loud Silence is the result of those explorations, an accompanied deep-dive into childhood memory, social history and the roots of psychedelia. The Loud Silence is Dozzyís second solo album, and it sees him return to Further Records, where he released his first solo LP, K, in 2010. On the surface, there might seem to be a world of difference between this record and K, but they share the same sense of dynamic movement within a limited sphere. Itís not minimal exactly - itís hard to describe such a rich sound as minimal or reduced in any way - but it is music that gets the most out of a small, well-chosen set of tools. Like on the recent album Sintetizzatrice, a full-length collaboration with singer Anna Caragnano, and a forthcoming Further LP from Aquaplano studio partner Nuel, the ability to make a single element - voice, synthesiser, mouth-harp - the centre of a musical world is enthralling. The Loud Silence is a testament to this eagerness to unearth the historical and social resonances of lone instruments, to see what traditions, what emotions, lie hidden in the most familiar sounds. Anyone who has followed Dozzyís work over the years, whether the celebrated Voices from the Lake collaboration with Neel, the otherworldly mixes heís done for MNML SSGS and electronique.it, or particularly his album of Bee Mask remixes for the Spectrum Spools label, will see that The Loud Silence is a continuation of a life-long fascination with sound and its potential to bring people, times and places together. Itís one more stunning chapter in a musical career that has never shirked the task of digging deep into the sounds that move us. This record is the first in a series exploring the depth of one instrument - next up in the series a solo record from Nuel that explores the "Ekdahl Polygamist". Tracklist: 1. Personal Rock (5:03) 2. Cross Panorama (4:10) 3. The Loud Silence (4:09) 4. The Net (4:34) 5. For Arnaud (3:58) 6. Downhill to the Sea (6:08) 7. Concert for Sails (3:44) 8. Exit The Acropolis (6:04)

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