• badly drawn boy The Hour of Bewilderbeast (numbered 3 LP set, £36.95)

    label: Twisted Nerve

    Badly Drawn Boy’s debut album is reissued by XL Recordings in a deluxe edition. • The Mercury Music Prize-winning album, originally released in 2000, was Damon Michael Gough’s debut after a few years of putting out EPs. The album was a commercial success, going platinum in the UK and delivering three Top 30 singles. • This 2015 reissue adds 13 bonus tracks and is presented as a limited edition deluxe 3LP set which comes in what XL describe as a wide-spined “stunning leatherette sleeve”. • The package features the debut album along with B sides from early EPs. TRACKLISTING: 01. THE SHINING 02. EVERYBODY'S STALKING 03. BEWILDER 04. FALL IN A RIVER 05. CAMPING NEXT TO WATER 06. STONE ON THE WATER 07. ANOTHER PEARL 08. BODY RAP 09. ONCE AROUND THE BLOCK 10. THIS SONG DISC #2: 01. BEWILDERBEAST 02. MAGIC IN THE AIR 03. CAUSE A ROCKSLIDE 04. PISSING IN THE WIND 05. BLISTERED HEART 06. DISILLUSION 07. SAY IT AGAIN 08. EPITAPH DISC #3: 01. MY FRIEND CUBILAS 02. I NEED A SIGN 03. INTERLUDE 04. MEET ON THE HORIZON 05. ROAD MOVIE 06. KERPLUNK BY CANDLELIGHT 07. CHAOS THEORY 08. IT CAME FROM THE GROUND 09. WALKMAN DEMO 1 10. OUTSIDE IS A LIGHT 1 11. OUTSIDE IS A LIGHT 2 12. WALKMAN DEMO 2 13. DISTANT TOWN

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