• between dog and wolf - the new model army story  (DVD, £12.95)

    label: Cadiz

    New Model Army have been one of the biggest underground music artists for over quarter of a century. To their global community of fans they mean everything. Yet mainstream success has so far eluded them. This film is the story of the band and in particular their charismatic and unconventional lead singer songwriter and founder Justin Sullivan. “The film evolved to be the life story of one of Britain’s unsung geniuses…I hope for the viewer it is ultimately an uplifting film with an inspiring denouement” - Matt Reid, Director. Released in a limited edition steel box with a set of postcards and collector’s booklet with contributions from David Sinclair, Dom Joly, Justin Sullivan, Joolz, Matt Reid and Jonathan Green. DVD Extra Info: Region: 0; System Format: PAL; Certificate: Exempt; Running Time: 91 minutes; Audio Format: 2.0 stereo and 5.1 Surround; Language: English; Aspect Ratio: 16:9; Colour: Colour; Extras: 60 minutes of unreleased scenes from the film.

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