• the dø Shake Shook Shaken (double LP, £15.75) due 30-11-2018

    The single ‘Trustful Hands’ is about finding yourself in chaos and learning how to live with it (“Chaos is my second home, I don’t mind where I land as long as I’m in Trustful Hands”), and reflects the challenging time they had together whilst making the album. The video is a poised and thoughtful journey with the duo in Tokyo, which brings the track to life. ‘Trustful Hands’’ bass groove, sultry guitars and luxurious synths contrast with Olivia’s elegant vocals, building a hypnotic pop song with a climatic chorus which chimes; ‘We are sentimental animals…. we were meant to make a thing or two, meant to break the laws of gravity.” The making of ‘Shake Shook Shaken’ was both a traumatic and cathartic experience for Olivia and Dan as it was made as the couple began splitting up. They holed themselves up in an 19th century water tower on the outskirts of Paris determined not to allow their circumstances to stop the music. This has shaped the album into a powerful pop record full of tension, and one which ultimately saved their friendship. ‘Shake Shook Shaken’ has seen the pop duo evolve into stars across Europe, most recently nominated for an MTV European Music Award for Best French Band, ‘Shake Shook Shaken’ won Best Rock Album of the Year at the French GRAMMYs (Les Victoires de la Musique), and earned the title of Best Alternative Album on iTunes. They recently played a sold out show at Zenith Arena in Paris (7,000 capacity) and Olivia Merilahti has become a sought after face in Paris gracing magazine covers as well as collaborating with Diplo for his Major Laser project. TRACKLISTING: 1. Keep Your Lips Sealed 2. Trustful Hands 3. Despair, Hangover & Ecstasy 4. Going Through Walls 5. Sparks 6. Anita No! 7. Miracles (Back in Time) 8. A Mess Like This 9. Lick My Wounds 10. Opposite Ways 11. Nature Will Remain 12. Omen