• fabio orsi / gianluca becuzzi Stones Know Everything (double CD, £21.95)

    label: Digitalis

    Fresh from his spectacular 3-inch CDR on Foxglove and another release for A Silent Place, Naples, Italy's FABIO ORSI partners here with sound artisan GIANLUCA BECUZZI. Orsi is another young and unexpected talent coming through the new Italian pipeline. The Stones Know Everything is the second release of his sprawling trilogy with Becuzzi (the first CD, Muddy Speaking Ghosts Through My Machines, appeared on A Silent Place in late 2006). Gianluca has been around for the better part of two decades making music under the monikers KINETIX, LIMBO, and others, but his work with wunderkind Orsi opens a new chapter in his impressive body of work. Crafting something this immense puts these two musicians into the realm of Stars of the Lid, Birchville Cat Motel and Growing, creating several intense worlds of ambient splendour, juxtaposing the sounds of everyday life with jet streams of microtones and pulses of audible light. And they handle this enormous task with the care and precision of a watchmaker or a surgeon, but also with the ears of an obvious fan of sound.

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