• (charged) g.b.h. City Baby's Revenge (CD, £8.50)

    label: captain oi

    An Indie Chart No.6 hit when first released in 1983 this was the second album by acclaimed UK Hardcore Punk band G.B.H.  Includes the Indie Chart hit singles ‘Give Me Fire’ (No.2) and ‘Do What You Do’ (No.7).  Booklet contains original LP artwork plus liner notes and lyrics to all the songs.  G.B.H. are still very much a major attraction on the world-wide Punk scene.  The likes of Rancid, The Casualties, Anti Flag and numerous other USA Punk bands have all cited GBH and their “UK82” sound as a major influence, one of the few bands to cross-over from the Old School Punk Rock movement to the modern day bands.  TRACK LISTING 1. DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY 2. DRUGS PARTY IN 526 3. SEE THE MAN RUN 4. VIETNAMESE BLUES 5. WOMB WITH A VIEW 6. THE FORBIDDEN ZONE 7. VALLEY OF DEATH 8. CITY BABYS REVENGE 9. PINS AND NEEDLES 10.CHRISTIANISED CANNIBALS 11.FASTER FASTER 12.HIGH OCTANE FUEL 13.I FEEL ALRIGHT 14.SKANGA (HERBY WEED) / BONUS TRACKS 15.GIVE ME FIRE 16.MANTRAP 17.CATCH 23 18.HELLHOLE 19.DO WHAT YOU DO 20.FOUR MEN 21.CHILDREN OF DUST 22.DO WHAT YOU DO (CONCRETE MIX)

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