• major accident / accident Massacred Melodies / A Clockwork Legion (CD, £8.50)

    label: captain oi

    23 track coupling of the first LPs by “Clockwork Punks” Major Accident.  “Massacred Melodies” was originally released by Step Forward Records in 1982 and includes the single ‘Mr. Nobody’.  “A Clockwork Legion” came out in 1984 on Flicknife Records and includes the Indie Chart hits ‘Fight To Win’ (No.24) and ‘Leaders Of Tomorrow’ (No.19).  TRACK LISTING 1. SCHIZOPHRENIC 2. (STANDING ON THE) SIDELINES 3. LAST NIGHT 4. PSYCHO 5. PEOPLE 6. TERRORIST GANG 7. WARBOOTS 8. MR NOBODY 9. SELF APPOINTED HERO 10.THAT’S YOU 11.BRIDES OF THE BEAST 12.CLASSIFIED INFORMATION 13.MIDDLE CLASS ENTERTAINMENT 14.CLOCKWORK TOYS 15.RESPECTABLE 16.TWISTED MIND 17.AFFLICTION 18.CUE THE DEAD 19.LEADERS OF TOMORROW 20.A CLOCKWORK LEGION 21.SORRY 22.FIGHT TO WIN 23.VENDETTA

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