• vryll society Pangea EP (4-track 12", £6.50)

    label: Deltasonic

    The Liverpool band’s debut EP Pangea (derived from ancient Greek for whole of the earth) showcases Mike Ellis’s ethereal vocals and occupying territory from Neu! and Air to early Verve and Stone Roses. They undoubtedly deliver a unique blend of styles which they are making their own. The EP starts with 'Coshh’ - a melodic Krautrock juggernaut, lodged in lyrical realism and a howling lead line that stretches the senses. Followed by next track ‘Air’- think funk meets electronica, in this tribal beat driven collage of sound. Next up is ‘Metropolis’ - inspired by the 1920's silent classic 'Metropolis' using hip hop drums, gypsy guitar lines, medieval Gregorian vocals and bombastic solos to create something truly unique. Finally ‘The Egg’- creates a feeling of isolation, using World War 2 style SOS sounds under a richly satisfy-ing chord progression, leading into a jam that continues to rise and rise.

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