• lumen lab They Are Killing Us (CD, £10.95)

    label: Aagoo

    Lumen Lab is a project created by Diego Martínez in 2000. When he was fifteen, he surprised the electronic scene in Mexico (reserved then only to genres associated with dance music or late rave culture) with drum machines, secondhand synths and any device with which he could use to generate rhythmic noise and distortion. After two years of live performances linked to a post-industrial sound, Diego began to merge other influences such as glitch, the late nineties IDM and sounds associated to hip-hop and punk music. In 2004 the "enfant terrible of Mexican electronic music" released his first album "Comiendo algodón en la pista de baile" (Eating cotton candy on the dance floor), published by the record label Abolipop in the boom of leftist electronic music in Mexico. It became one of the most important titles to strengthen a new scene more closely linked with experimentation. "They are killing us" has several collaborations, including his brother Israel Martinez, a recognised sound and interdisciplinary artist. Both co-direct Abolipop and the digital publishing platform Suplex. For vocals, Chano collaborates. He was the voice of important bands of the crust and grindcore scene of Mexico in the nineties and the new millennium as Hydrophobia and Emphysema, besides collaborating with anarcho-punk bands like Fallas del Sistema. "They are killing us" is a convulsive and powerful work, the result of fifteen years of experimentation as Lumen Lab and a social context that demands nothing less than a great energy and anger to get ahead, to preserve life, because they are killing us.

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