• burial Burial (180g vinyl double LP, £14.25)

    label: Hyperdub

    Now pressed on heavy vinyl, updated to add the beatless atmospheric tracks that have always been integral parts of the complete CD versions, and also including unique codes for free download. Not reissues, no new music, nothing remastered - just revised, improved and back in print. This first album on Kode9’s deeply-respected Hyperdub label comes from the mysterious Burial, who carves out a sound which sends the dormant slinky syncopations of UK garage, via radio interference, into a padded cell of cushioned, muffled bass, passing through clouds of Pole’s dense crackle dub en route. 'Burial' - the album - explores a tangential, parallel dimension of the growing dubstep ouevre, using sounds set in a near-future South London submerged underwater. You can never tell if the crackle is the burning static off pirate radio transmissions, or the tropical downpour of the city outside, taking its loud / quiet aesthetic neither from the latest digital glitch software, nor a mere nostalgia for vinyl’s intrinsic physicality. In their sometimes suffocating melancholy, most of these tracks seem to yearn for drowned lovers, as haunted echoed voices breeze in and out, on roads to and from other times. The smouldering desire of ‘Distant Lights’ is cooled only by the percussive ice-sharp slicing of blades and jets of hot air blowing from the bass. Listen also for a fleeting appearance from Hyperdub’s resident vocalist, The Spaceape, unravelling his cryptobiography. 'Burial' is a renegade signal from other frequencies, a tidal wave of seductive low-impact noise submerging all but the crispest syncopations and - in the years since its release – has been universally welcomed as the standard-bearer for creative vision built upon the grime and dubstep blueprint. With the DJ in mind, the specially re-tooled vinyl edition maintains optimum sonic integrity by removing the CD version's beatless opening and closing tracks, and the remaining 11 tunes have been re-sequenced and re-cut to allow those four that had not previously appeared on vinyl to be presented in newly-mastered 12-inch-standard audio across the first two sides ('Wounder', 'U Hurt Me', 'Spaceape' and 'Prayer'). With both the 'South London Boroughs' and 'Distant Lights' EPs now out of print and likely to remain that way, this two-wax pack offers the only way to get your early period Burial fix in club-ready configuration. THE WIRE Album of the Year - “A stealthy and seductive symphony of resonant bass and mournful white noise.” OBSERVER MUSIC MONTHLY - “The mysterious Burial offered one way forward with this first, mournful dubstep masterpiece.” # 18 (of 20) album 2006. UNCUT - “Fiercely minimal ghostly whooshes of bass and a distant crackle that evokes both ancient vinyl and distant flames. An immersive and hugely evocative listen. Dubstep’s key text.” # 20 (of 50) album 2006. Q - “Spooked electronic dub with a widescreen feel… the dubstep answer to Massive Attack’s ‘Blue Lines’. ” # 77 (of 100) album 2006. URB - “Smiles while drowning under your electronic definitions, creating slowly evolving and broodingly smouldering melodies that just won’t go away.”

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