• roddy woomble Listen to Keep (180g vinyl LP, £19.95)

    label: Diverse Records

    Familiar to many thousands of music fans as the front man in the Scottish rock band Idlewild. Roddy Woomble is also a celebrated solo songwriter & performer who returns with his third solo album released in March 2013. In 2006 Roddy released his debut solo album ‘My Secret Is My Silence’. The record featured Rod Jones from Idlewild, Ailidh Lennon and David Gow from Sons & Daughters plus acclaimed folk musicians Andy Cutting, Kate Rusby, Ian Carr and Karine Polwart. It was produced by John McCusker. The album featured in many ‘best of the year’ polls, and spent several weeks at number 1 in the UK folk charts. ‘Before the Ruin’, the debut album as ‘Drever, McCusker & Woomble’ was released to much acclaim in 2008. The trio toured extensively around the UK to support the album. Roddy’s second solo album ‘The Impossible Song & Other Songs’ was released on March 21st 2011. It was written and recorded in the An Tobar arts centre, In Tobermory on the Isle of Mull. Third album ‘Listen to Keep’ features eleven new songs written and recorded with his new band, again at An Tobar. It is the first of Woomble’s solo albums to be released on vinyl. Roddy Woomble’s naturally poetic writing and consistent touring have won him many thousands of fans all over the world and is widely regarded as one of Scotland ’s finest songwriters. ‘Listen To Keep’ is another great recording packed with memorable melodies and powerful, artistic expression following on from his first two acclaimed solo albums’. Roddy’s band features Seonaid Aitken (violin, piano, vocals), Gavin Fox (bass), Danny Grant (drums), Sorren Maclean (guitar, vocals) who help create the perfect backdrop for his poetic lyrics, blending touches of country and folk to a set of poignant songs. Side 1 1. Making Myths 5.27 2. The Last One Of My Kind 3.42 3. Listen To Keep 4.50 4. Build It To Break It 4.22 5. Trouble Your Door 3.29 Side 2 1. Travelling Light 4.09 2. The Universe Is On My Side 3.43 3. I Know Where I Went Wrong 5.02 4. Treacle & Tobacco 3.32 5. Into The Distance On Luck 4.30 6. Time By Time 4.07

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