• last of the garage punk unknowns 6  (LP, £14.95)

    label: crypt

    BEWARE! NOISY & ULTRA-CRUDELY RECORDED GARAGE 1965-1967. Presented here are 15 prime slabs of mid-'60s USA garage punk aceness, focusing on the super-crude side of things, packaged in a gatefold sleeve with liner notes, band photos and label scans. (Note: This is an entirely new series and none of these tracks were on the old series 'Garage Punk Unknowns'). TRACKS: 01. The Plague - Point Blank 02. Caedman & The Nobles - More Than A Kiss 03. The Starfyres - Captain Dueseldorph 04. The Uniteds - Lucky Ends 05. The Grey Stokes - The Ballad Of Tarzan 06. The Fuzztones - We're In Love 07. The Torments - I Love You More Each Day 08. Sir Kenneth & The Yorkshire Coachmen - Set You Free 09. The Druids - Too Shy 10. The Night Crawlers - Let's Move 11. The Riots - You're My Baby 12. The Sires - Come To Me Baby 13. The Esquires - You Got Another Thing Comin' 14. Wet Paint - If I Don't See Her Tonight 15. Jonathan With Orchestra - The Mummy

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