• anders broby Nihil (CD, £11.95)

    label: Gizeh Records

    Nihil is the new album from Norwegian composer and sound artist Anders Brøby. Dealing predominantly with life's endless existential challenges, Nihil is a dark, brooding, mysterious record that hides away in shadowy corners, occasionally coming out into the light.  These ten heavy-hearted, dreamlike tracks give you the raw atmospheres of nothingness; a logical consequence of human absurdity and the destruction of man and other life forms. It's a beguiling listen, full of heaving, reverberating spaces and mournful melody. As a founding member and songwriter in progressive / psychedelic band Radiant Frequency, Brørby musical occupation between 2004 – 2012 was mainly on singing, writing and playing in a band setting. Elements of this approach found its way into the first solo works, which was a mixture of progressive synthpop and experimental ambient soundscapes, as well as acoustic songwriting. After moving steadily away from the rock scene, recent soundtracks and solo material strips away the last elements of traditional song writing, focusing on atmospheric, ambient experimentations with pure sound. This record forms the second release in Gizeh Records' new 'Dark Peak' series, a collection of limited CD editions, housed in special hand-crafted packaging, designed and assembled at Gizeh HQ. Tracklisting: 1. When You Look Into The Abyss 2. As Dead As the Stars We Watched At Night 3. Bodies In The Water 4. I Will Always Disappoint You 5. Put Your Ear To The Ground 6. You Have Made Me No Longer Afraid Of Death 7. From The Window Above The Lake 8. The Knives In Her Eyes 9. The Logic Destruction Of Man 10. We Sat In Silence, Watching Each Other Disappear

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