• french boutik The Essential (CD, £9.95)

    label: detour

    Detour Records have been looking to work with this band for a few years now and after talking to their record label in Germany, COPASETIC gave them permission to re-release all the band's vinyl output to date. This also includes a rare compilation-only track that sold out in a matter of days, PLUS for the first time EVER the band cover a track that was written by their friends from Russia THE RIOTS. The original track title was "The Only Life I Know" and Gabriela & Zelda re-wrote it in French and it is now called "La Seule Vie Qu'Il Connaisse". "This Paris-based Franco-American “Pop Moderniste” quartet is truly original, with a unique vision of modern French pop where elegance and power collide to generate a distinctive outfit of many harmonic faces. These 4 sharp dressers take the ‘Moderniste’ element of their tagline seriously and avoid retro déjà vu while still maintaining a clear nod to their 1960’s influences. The result is a delightful and clever concoction of strong melodies, harmony drenched vocals, a soupçon of swirling organ, and sharp French and English lyrics. Modernist pop” they call it. I call it bloody marvellous” - Shindig! Magazine. "A classy, very much real band: les Fetichistes Modernistes must check them out.” - Record Collector. "French Boutik are the one band whose music captures the ESSENCE of the 60’s... the energy...the style...the pre Altamont spirit of cool; but they cover a VERY 2014 canvas with that magical, musical paint” - Warren Peace, host, We are the Mods.

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