• last harbour Paler Cities / The Curved Road (7", £6.75)

    label: Gizeh Records

    Last Harbour return with a 7" vinyl release which marks the follow-up to 2015's raw and brooding Caul album. Maintaining the high standards set by Caul, these two new tracks are a more direct version of Last Harbour's signature form, leaning towards a more stripped back, less textured post-punk sound. K Craig's voice echoes and cascades through duelling guitars and metronomic beats on the lead track before giving way to slower tones and late-night melody on The Curved Road, augmented by electric pianos, synths and simple percussion. These new tracks show a progressive band in full force, tapping into themes of city dislocation, mazes and traps. They expertly navigate the intimate and the expansive and document a band still growing, changing and connecting. Paler Cities is released complete with two additional bonus, digital-only tracks. Last Harbour are a Manchester-based collective who have released six full-length albums and a whole host of other material over their existence. They have worked with Richard Formby (Wild Beasts, Spacemen 3, Ghostpoet, Darkstar) on two records and have toured with the likes of Willard Grant Conspiracy, Michael Gira (Swans), Mark Mulcahy, Dirty Three and Josh T. Pearson (Lift To Experience).

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