• j.s. aurelius Goofin' Drones (MC, £4.70)

    label: Alter

    Cassette album from JS Aurelius of Destruction Unit, Marshstepper and the Ascetic House collective. A collection of field recordings and real-time live-coded audio compositions based on algorithms used for spoofing, hacking and otherwise sabotaging GNSS-based unmanned aircraft systems. 1:Falling Asleep To The Smell Of The End 2:Whims Of The Stars 3:Synchrophasor Based Control System 4:Ublox Lea-6N 5:Frequency Unlock Monitoring 6:Single Siren Spectralism 7:C-Band Line Of Sight 8:Carrier-Aided Early-Late DLL 9:Fates Day In May 10:Severe Ionospheric Scintillation 12:GNSS Integrity Compromised

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