• spinning coin Albany / Sides (7", £6.25)

    label: geographic

    Spinning Coin are a fiercely independent rock group from Glasgow. They present their 7”, ‘Albany’, through The Pastels’ Geographic Music imprint. • The band’s roots are all over the place but a simple love of playing together in their rehearsal space and almost never turning down shows has seen them coalesce a winning group sound in almost no time at all, becoming an important part of the UK’s always interesting DIY live music scene. • Drummer Chris White is part of the Winning Sperm Party collective, who document of a world of shadowy Glasgow music running all the way from the Glasgow Music Collective to Fuzzkill Records today. All the other members of Spinning Coin - Sean Armstrong, Cal Donnelly and Jack Mellin see themselves as primarily coming from this scene. • Where Spinning Coin branch out from things is in their cascading melodicism topped with some amazing shredding. This connects into a slightly different Glasgow music scene more associated with Orange Juice, Teenage Fanclub and, of course, The Pastels. • ‘Albany’ is home-recorded but shows off the group’s easy flair for getting things to sound right without trying too hard. The accompanying video was directed by Roxanne Clifford of Veronica Falls. • With digital download code.

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