• soho continental  (CD, £7.25)

    label: Croydon Municipal

    On Bob Stanley's label, here is an exotic collection of rarities that evoke the heart of Bohemian London in the fifties and sixties. The coffee bars, the trattorias, the ouzo, Ricard and whatever Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud's tipple might be in the Colony Room. It's a delicious and unique blend of sounds from France, Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey, all mixed up in a cocktail shaker at Abbey Road. It's a fast vanishing world, nobbled by Crossrail, so catch it while you can!  Disappearing Soho is a major news story here's the soundtrack to its golden age of sin and cappuccinos  Most tracks available for the first time on CD  Gorgeous artwork  Thorough sleeve notes by legendary DJ Martin Green  TRACK LISTING 1. ITALIAN STYLE - The Millermen and the Raindrops 2. CINQUO MINUTI ANCORA - Peppini di Capri 3. SANDRA (BOSSA NOVA) - Bob Leaper 4. RENDEZVOUS A LAVANDOU - Henri Salvador 5. CAPUCCINA - Ted Heath 6. MUSKEETA - Johnnie Pate 7. TABOO - Charles Blackwell 8. KOOKIE LITTLE PARADISE - Frankie Vaughan 9. MILK FROM THE COCONUT - Morgan Brothers 10. MADISON A SAINT-TROPEZ - Tommy Kinsman 11. DU SCHAUST MICH AN - Gerd Bottcher 12. ESSO BESSO - Victor Silvester 13. HARRY LIME CHA CHA - Edmundo Ros 14. CHA CHA POP POP - Tony Scott 15. HOT TODDY - The Swe Danes 16. TEENAGER BLUES - Kessler Sisters 17. BABY - Connie Francis 18. PAPA LOVES MAMBO - Marino Marini 19. CUBANO CHANT - George Shearing Quintet 20. MAMBO INN - The Modernes 21. PANAMA CHA CHA CHA - Les Scarlet 22. PERHAPS PERHAPS PERHAPS - Pepe Jaramillo 23. COU COUCHE PANIER - Gillian Hills 24. NICOLA (BOSSA NOVA) - Bob Leaper 25. MAINLY SPAIN - Harry Robinson Crew

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