• conny ochs Future Fables (LP, £17.50)

    label: exile on mainstream

    Conny Ochs is heavily influenced by great rock and folk singer/songwriters like Woody Guthrie, Townes van Zandt, Nick Drake and others. Yet through his mix of acoustic and electric guitars Conny bears one of the most incredible voices out there; a soulful and dynamic clean style that invokes incredibly emotive feelings from the listener, from absolute joy through the simple things life offers, or of purely melancholic end-time inner blues.  After having finished and released “Freedom Conspiracy” with Wino, our man kept touring and playing live to a growing audience coming from all kinds of musical backgrounds before returning to the studio in late summer 2015.  Conny’s songs are trying to focus on the interplay between storytelling and visions – this he carves into the rough edges of songs that come out so natural, so organic and sonically sparkling. While keeping his approach pure to the heart Conny Ochs reaches a stark authenticity that draws you in and makes you a part of the music, his travels and struggles, and his search for freedom in life and song.

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