• black shape of nexus Carrier (digipak CD, £14.25)

    label: exile on mainstream

    BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS return with a new beast called ‘Carrier’.  It is a monster record, where the band ventures out further than they ever have before, drenching the songs in atmosphere, aggression and/or even speed, occasionally.  A monument of heaviness and harshness, it went far beyond doom or drone or noise or post-anything, beyond genres and categorisations, as if pulled through a black hole and coming out as something unspeakable on the other side.  This massive album stands as an exercise in sheer sonic heaviness, and an unsurpassed one at that… be prepared to be blown away - TERRORIZER.  It’s hard to think of another record that carries this amount of weight - ROCK-A-ROLLA.  The album is released in a mini gatefold CD sleeve in oversized square measurements, printed on heavy cardboard and sealed with a glossy lamination.

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