• hosts Moon (9-track CD, £6.50)

    label: fierce panda

    'Baby Move On' is the first single to be launched off 'Moon', and sets the velveteen stage perfectly with its raucous wall-of-sound lushness and gigantically ace key changes. Next up comes the second single. 'Make My Heart Turn Blue', which is an exuberantly odd take on classic rock'n'roll melodramatics, slightly like David Lynch rewriting the 'Grease' screenplay. And here is where we find the dark side of the 'Moon': on the lunar surface these besuited potential suitors are retro a-go-go dreamers, all crooned verses and emotionally emboldened hook-lines, be it with the finger-clicking hullabaloo of 'Moon (Over Montana) or the impeccably sweet-natured '70s soul of 'Smile' - not for nothing have they been described as "the sound of ELO fighting a bear". But The Hosts aren't merely hopelessly devoted to recreating the past. Indeed, in the true tradition of rock'n'roll's traumatic history peel beneath the layers there lurks a genuinely weird undercurrent to The Hosts. 'Breathless' is possessed by the spectre of Spector rewriting 'Creep', 'One Horse Town Called Love' is a spaghetti-themed howl from the soul of a wild west zero, while 'Know You Well' is imbued with a haunting sense of longing amidst the sumptuous melodies. Little wonder The Hosts are seen as the perennial ghosts in the music machine. Tracklisting

1: Baby Move On 
2: Make My Heart Turn Blue 
3: Smile 
4: Breathless 
5: One Horse Town Called Love 
6: I Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine 
7: Moon (Over Montana) 
8: Know You Well 
9: Lonesome In Your Dreams (Burn Bright With Those Old Flames)

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