• yumi zouma Yoncalla (LP, £15.95)

    label: Cascine

    In their short career, New Zealandís Yumi Zoumaís have released two EPs, been handpicked by Lorde and Chet Faker to support them on key international tours, and seen four of their singles shoot to #1 on Hype Machine. This May, the project will release their debut album, a work of subtle beauty: refined, sophisticated, confident. The album was recorded in Paris in fall 2015 while the band was on a three week pause between tour dates and engineered in Philippe Zdarís legendary Motorbass Studio. Tracklisting: 1. Barricade (Matter Of Fact) 2. Text From Sweden 3. Keep It Close To Me 4. Haji Awali 5. Remember You At All 6. Yesterday 7. Better When I'm By Your Side 8. Short Truth 9. Hemisphere 10. Drachma

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