• black shape of nexus Carrier (double LP, £25.50)

    label: exile on mainstream

    The only constant is the blackness of the shape. Everything else, including the shape itself, is in a constant state of flux for Black Shape Of Nexus. From the very beginning, in 2007, when they released their crushing, suffocating self-titled debut, it was very clear already that some very dark and menacing clouds were gathering over Mannheim, in south-western Germany.  Now, they return with a new beast called ‘Carrier’. It is a monster record, where the band ventures out further than they ever have before, drenching the songs in atmosphere, aggression and/or even speed, occasionally (or lack thereof, mostly, don’t worry), through a tour de force that will exhaust all but the completely deaf. Which we’re all just a little closer to be after each listen.  The album cover is self-explanatory and it reveals the one true master that has always been behind Black Shape Of Nexus in each and every colossal song they drop on us – sound, as it emanates loudly and thickly from a stack of amps, louder and louder each time until your brain is finally reshaped.

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