• petter carlsen You Go Bird (CD, £11.25)

    label: Function

    Petter Carlsen's brilliant debut album now available for the first time outside of his native Norway. Originally released by EMI Norway in 2009 where it charted at Number 14, this reissue through Function Records is the first time the album has been released outside of Norway. Petter Carlsen embodies his native Norway like no other. Born in the far north, the songwriter has absorbed the mood of the country and transformed it into beautiful, atmospheric, subtle melancholic songs. Having recorded vocals for several Anathema tracks and supported them across Europe, Petter is currently touring in support of the reissue with German band Long Distance Calling having also performed vocals on a number of tracks on their new album. Tracklisting: 1/ You Go Bird 2/ Pull The Brakes 3/ The Sound of You and Me 4/ A Taste of What’s To Come 5/ If Said Was Done 6/ From Now on 7/ Paindrops 8/ Half 9/ The Race Is On 10/ In The Time After

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