• cold truth Grindstone (digipak CD, £12.50)

    label: Blue Rose

    Cold Truth are a powerfully rocking quartet from Nashville, TN. Their unadulterated, no-frills sound carries the direct punch of early 70s (hard) rock. That's clearly the tradition these four musicians are steeped in but they have enough talent and creativity to build their own brand of rock'n'roll with crunchy riffs, meaty hooks and an earthy foundation in the blues. Kurt Menck (lead, rhythm & slide guitars), Thane Shearon (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Abe White (bass) and Matt Green (drums) share the same set of influences and follow their musical path with great passion. The band started at the turn of the century and has stayed together without personnel changes. A world class shouter, an energetic rhythm section and a versatile guitarist who can draw from rock and blues. If you are looking for influences or parallels, Shearon's raspy voice leads to British 70s hard rock. Free and Bad Company with their singer Paul Rodgers are obvious reference points, Whitesnake with David Coverdale and Humble Pie with Steve Marriott have also left their mark. In other songs Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sammy Hagar's Montrose, the Black Crowes or even AC/DC shine through. After their self-titled debut album from 2003 and their international breakthrough Whatcha Do from 2003 we are now experiencing the band on the zenith of their career so far. Like its predecessors Grindstone was produced by veteran Michael St. Leon (George Thorogood, Buddy Guy, Jim Suhler, Karl Gaffney, Murali Coryell) at Nashville's Switchyard Studios. Cold Truth play classic rock with a dose of hard'n'heavy and blues - suited not just for nostalgic music lovers but for any rock'n'roll aficionado in 2016!

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