• my epic Viscera (5-track CD, £8.75)

    label: Facedown

    The captivating new release from MY EPIC sees the band building on the pivotal momentum of previous releases while still treading new ground musically and thematically.  With Viscera, MY EPIC reference the Latin term for the inner organs as the thread that runs through the tracks.  The aspect of each song alluding to a human emotion tied to physicality makes Viscera MY EPIC’s most heavily themed release to date.  Musically Viscera takes elements from the band’s more ambient, ethereal spirit of “Behold,” and adds to that the post-rock, grunge influenced groove of “Yet,” which floods the EP with heaviness.  TRACKLIST 1. Ghost Story 2. Memoir 3. Cesura 4. Wive’s Tale 5. Open Letter

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