• walter salas-humara Explodes and Disappears (digipak CD, £12.50)

    label: Blue Rose

    Walter Salas-Humara seems to be enjoying his recently revived solo career tremendously. As promised, the mastermind of alt.country rock pioneers The Silos delivers a new album a mere two months after releasing Work: Part One. Whereas that album contained new versions of of early Silos songs, this one, Explodes And Disappears, is comprised of ten brilliant new songs. The album demonstrates Salas-Humara's abilities as short story writer, composer of very special melodies with indie flair and leader of various studio formations. Explodes And Disappears rocks in all the right places! Early this year, Walter Salas-Humara surprised his audience with completely acoustic remakes of the best songs from the Silos' excellent first three albums About Her Steps (85), Cuba (87) and The Silos (90) on Work: Part One. And now he releases the real follow-up up to Curve And Shake, the opulent and multi-faceted Explodes And Disappears. Self-produced and recorded in various formations, the album contains ten new songs, most of them co-written with friends. Former and current members of The Silos like Rod Hohl, Konrad Meissner, Sarven Manguiat and Scott Garber, longtime collaborator Tom Freund, Philipp Knapp and Mäx Huber from the WSH trio, and numerous other musicians from keyboarder Ryan Williams to Tex-Mex guitarist Joe Reyes and the songwriter colleagues Jimmy McIver, Liv Mueller, Paul Cullum and Vincent Gates all contribute to a lush, meticulously arranged band sound.

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