• bob lind Magellan Was Wrong (CD, £12.95)

    label: big beat

    The highly anticipated follow-up to 2012’s critically acclaimed “Finding You Again” proves once more that time has not diminished Bob Lind’s brilliance.  “Magellan Was Wrong” contains 12 new recordings including a rare cover of Tom Paxton’s ‘Bottle Of Wine’ and is a testament to Lind’s evolution – 50 years after ‘Elusive Butterfly’, he continues to hone and reshape his style. From the cry-from-the-guts opener ‘I Don’t Know How To Love You’, to the symphonic closing piece ‘A Break In The Rain’, these songs demonstrate a wide melodic variation.  Lind’s lyrics are as romantic and imaginative as those of any songwriter alive. But unlike the work of many of his troubadour-poet contemporaries, Lind’s work is more than just literary and sharply constructed. It’s highly listenable. Delivered with that ageless voice – as strong and expressive as ever – this music reaches the heart every bit as much as it reaches the mind.  Long-time fans Richard Hawley and Dion both write introductions to the sleeve-notes and give new insight into Lind and what he has meant to so many of the younger artists who credit him for inspiring and informing their musical styles. TRACKLIST 1. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO LOVE YOU 2. YOU ARE HOME 3. NEVER EVEN THERE 4. MAGELLAN WAS WRONG 5. I TURN TO YOU 6. BOTTLE OF WINE 7. MY FRIEND 8. FROM THE ROAD 9. YOU, LOLA, YOU 10. THE OUTSIDER'S DREAM 11. BLIND LOVE 12. A BREAK IN THE RAIN

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