• happy accidents You Might Be Right (LP, £15.95)

    label: alcopop!

    London indie-punk trio Happy Accidents have got a rather big summer planned, announcing their signing to Alcopop! Records and the release of their debut album. Drawing influence from The Thermals, The Pixies, as well as their peers in the UK's thriving DIY scene, they kick off with a video from the album's first cut, Leaving Parties Early. If there was one song on the record that could truly define Happy Accidents, latest single 'Leaving Parties Early' would be the one. With sugar-coated choruses and 'four to the floor' disco drums, the band's sonic urgency may speak volumes on its own, but the disparity between the music and the lyrics showcases the great dichotomy of Happy Accidents. Dealing with matters such as anxiety and societal pressures, the song raises questions of identity within the context of attending parties where you don't quite know if you fit in. This contrast runs throughout the record, with the band pairing introspective lyrics with the biggest hooks they can muster. Formed by brothers Rich and Neil Mandell and Phoebe Cross back in 2014, Happy Accidents craft the kind of earworms that will be rattling round your head for months to come Ė fusing their deepseated love of 90s punk and indie, whilst still managing to sound as fresh as any of their contemporaries. Quickly making a name for themselves in DIY punk circles, they've shared stages with the likes of The Front Bottoms, Martha, Muncie Girls and countless others. "Drenched in melody, recalling the likes of Martha and the Front Bottoms, and the infectious poprock seeping out of the UK's DIY scene that the band are becoming a strong part of." Ė DIY Magazine. Tracks: But Youíre Probably Wrong / Leaving Parties Early / Feel The Same / Chameleon / Quiet / Spinning / Facts And Figures / Running / I Canít Wait To Get The Hell Away From You / Coexist / Sorry Iím Late

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