• tenement Tenement (LP, £15.50)

    label: Deranged

    Includes album download code. After the release of 2015ís highly anticipated double LP masterpiece, ďPredatory HeadlightsĒ, comes a 12Ē EP by the Wisconsin punk outfit. This self-titled record includes the newly mastered 5-song tour EP only previously released to a limited 50 cassettes, as well as two new unreleased tracks. Like most Tenement releases, this record transitions willingly into a different side of the band, one thatís a little less punk and a little more pop. Itís a sound thatís been poking itís way through the bandís decade long tarp, finally stretching a hole large enough to crawl out of. The band has always stayed steadfast to being one big polychromatic puzzle. No singular record can properly portray their musical identity as a whole. Here lies yet another piece to the ongoing puzzle, a puzzle many fans surely hope wonít get solved anytime soon. Track listing: 1. Everyone to Love You 2. Underworld Hotel 3. Witches in a Ritual 4. Lonesome Crying Eyes 5. Your Shadowed Alleyways 6. The Strangest Couple in Love 7. Roads of Home

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