• futeisha Alegržas y Duelos de Mi Alma (MC, £7.95)

    label: Artetetra Tapes

    The tape, released in collaboration with Old Bicycle Records, is a work by Futeisha aka Juan Scassa (guitarist of La Piramide di Sangue and collaborator of Craxi Driver, Krano, Gianni Giublena Rosacroce and others). The tape is a mixture of tender and warm sounds and melodies from the most original Latin tradition rearranged thanks to digital, tribal drums and ambient sounds tending to their most droning soundscapes. In this work Futeisha obtains a really lyric and moody atmosphere fusing Mariachi and Spanish guitars with solemn spoken words and eerie musical hints ranging from filmic slow rhythms to groovy minimal ballads. The result is a charming and elegant lysergic Lynchian-style telenovela. Tape comes with download code card.

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