• pharaoh overlord #1 (double LP, £18.95)

    label: hydrahead

    Since the inception of the trio in 2001, they've carved up imposing, yet weirdly cosy monoliths erected in the epic desert of original rock and roll. Pharaoh Overlord's stoner rock clang on the debut is down-to-earth due to sheer weight of the riffs. The light touch and the ease with which Leppänen, Lehtisalo and Westerlund lift the weight of the riffs off the ground and propel them on abysmal orbits works like a magician's trick, a cathartic sleight of hand. In the case of Pharaoh Overlord, the magic endures. #1 is a stone-cold classic. This album was originally released on CD in 2010. Copies are available on both yellow and black vinyl.

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