• alphaduka Alphaduka (6-track CD, £6.50)

    label: fierce panda

    Alphaduka are a three-piece band-stroke-bowling team from London Town who formed in May 2015. They consist of Rob Fenner (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Ben Andrewes (drums, percussion, vocals) and Michael Webb (bass). ‘Alphaduka’ is an extended play six-track mini-album which features sumptuous imminent radio track ‘Re-Animator’ and frankly fabulous springtime debut single ‘I’ll Follow You’. There’s a genuine warmth and homeliness to the Alphaduka sound which touches on the perfectionist spirit of mid-‘80s moodswingers Prefab Sprout, The Railway Children and The Lotus Eaters. “We wanted to create colourful and textural recordings that would reveal more and more to the listener with repeated listens,” they enthuse, acknowledging that their influences extend from the retro-psych of Pink Floyd to the intricate guitars of John Martyn via an affection for the epic otherworldliness of Tame Impala. Ultimately, making “vibrant, sparkling alt.rock with meaning” is the honourable aim of the Alphaduka game, as you may or may not expect from people who tell us that, “Lyrically, the record deals with both the effortless and arduous sides of romance, the strange imagery of dreams and memories of nature.” Tracklisting: 

1. Re-Animator 
2. Why Won’t You Open Up To Me? 
3. I’ll Follow You 
4. Vision 
5. Yosemite 
6. Lips

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