• doo wop soda shop  (CD, £8.50)

    label: Croydon Municipal

    On Bob Stanley's label, here is a warm and wonderful collection of American vocal group rarities that evoke the spirit of the innocent fifties the after school romance, sharing a soda as the jukebox plays haunting and atmospheric vocal harmony 45s. Quite possibly it was never like this, and we've been conditioned by Happy Days and American Graffiti, but these records are real enough and they drip atmosphere, with beautiful vocals from the east coast (the Wanderers, featuring northern soul legend Ray Pollard, and a superrare early Frankie Valli single) to the west.  Three steps beyond Dream Boats and Petticoats, this is the definitive sound of romantic rock'n'roll  A perfect late summer soundtrack  Most tracks available for the first time on CD  Gorgeous artwork  Thorough sleeve notes by noted pop historian Bob Stanley. TRACK LISTING 1. FOR YOUR LOVE - The Wanderers 2. NO MORE - Little Victor And The Vistas 3. ALL AT ONCE - The Uniques 4. NOW THE PARTING BEGINS - The Larados 5. LOOKING FOR YOU - The Dukes 6. LAST NIGHT I DREAMED - The Fiestas 7. REMEMBER - Dennis And The Explorers 8. THIS PARADISE - The Bel-Aires 9. IT'S TOO LATE - The Companions 10.SO BLUE - The Vibrations 11.LONELY ONE - The Ravels 12.I CRIED - The Starlighters 13.REAL (THIS IS REAL) - Frankie Valle & The Romans 14.BE MINE - The Uptones 15.IT'S NOT FOR ME - Rudy And The Wheels 16.ALONG MY LONELY WAY - The Utopians 17.SOMEWHERE IN MY HEART - The Ebonaires 18.BABY BE MINE - The Melo Gents 19.YOU'RE TOO YOUNG FOR ME - Johnny And The Dreams 20.ALL BECAUSE - The Varnells 21.FLAMES - The Reminiscents 22.EVERYBODY KNEW - The La-Rells 23.THE NIGHT IS QUIET - The Vocaleers 24.IMPOSSIBLE - The Velvatones

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