• and this is me  (CD, £8.50)

    label: Croydon Municipal

    There was a time when pretty much anyone off the telly, or anyone on the silver screen, made a record. There were very few ways of getting closer to the stars in the fifties and pre-Beatles sixties so a 45 was a means for fans to grab something tangible. It might be a novelty record (Terry-Thomas), a film theme (Sid James and Liz Fraser) or a serious stab at an alternative career (Ian McShane); sometimes it was a side project that reflected an intriguing, little known side to a star (Spike Milligan). Most sank like a stone, but they remain fascinating and delightful curios, totally reminiscent of the era of Ford Zephyrs, Consulate cigs and kitchen sink movies.  Carry On stars by the truckload  Most tracks available for the first time on CD  Gorgeous artwork  Thorough sleeve notes by noted pop historian Bob Stanley. TRACK LISTING 1. WHAT ABOUT ME - Bernard Cribbins 2. THREE NICE MICE - Max Bygraves 3. I LIKE IT - Mike & Bernie Winters 4. I MIGHT HAVE KNOWN (AFTER) - Philip Lowrie 5. LONELY FOR A GIRL - Oliver Reed 6. HARRY BROWN - Ian McShane 7. WISH I KNEW - Spike Milligan 8. LEMON TWIST - Ian Carmichael 9. WE GO TOGETHER - Eric Sykes & Hattie Jacques 10. YER GOTTA GET AHT - Norman Wisdom 11.DOUBLE BUNK - Sid James & Liz Fraser 12. SUCH A BEAUTY Clive Dunn 13.ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE Roy Castle 14.ITCHY TWITCHY FEELING - Charlie Drake 15. MAKIN' LOVE - Hylda Baker 16. THE DISC - Leslie Phillips 17. SEND FOR ME - Terry-Thomas 18.ALONE TOGETHER - Bernard Bresslaw 19. POSTMAN'S KNOCK - Spike Milligan 20. JUNK SHOP - Harry H Corbett 21. MY BIG BEST SHOES - Bertice Reading 22.IT HAD BETTER BE A WONDERFUL LIE - Barbara Windsor & Harry Fowler 23. SWEET OLD FASHIONED BOY - Terry-Thomas 24.GOLDILOCKS - Stanley Unwin

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