• mr. science 1978-1979 (4-track 7", £7.75)

    label: Family Vineyard

    Edition of 300 copies. Mr. Science was a linchpin of the Indiana punk scene in the late 1970s and early ‘80s. As a member of Dow Jones and the Industrials, Science added a mass of bleeping, lurching technology to the roaring punk anthems and penned the crazed “Damage” and “Latent Psychosis” tunes. He was also the DIY engineer at Zounds Studios in West Lafayette -- where he recorded some of the state’s classic punk/art records: Amoebas In Chaos’ On To Mayday LP, The Jetsons’ “Suicidal Tendencies” 7”, the Dancing Cigarettes EP, the Industrials’ famed Hoosier Hysteria LP. In 1978, Science -- also known as Brad Garton -- began writing twisted new/no wave songs on keyboards, Moog, Orchestron, organ, synthesiser and other newfangled instruments of the day. He recorded them on a TEAC A-2340 reel-to-reel. This 1978-79 EP compiles five songs that survived from that era -- four unreleased until now and available for the first time since their recording nearly 40 years ago. Track Listing A1. Hey Mr. Science A2. Half The World Must Die A3. The Number Song B1. Mutant Humans B.2 Sociobiology

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