• richard pinhas & barry cleveland feat. michael manring & celso alberti Mu (CD, £13.50)

    label: Cuneiform

    RICHARD PINHAS, the founder of 70s legends HELDON, is one of France's best known experimental musicians. He is a key figure in the development of rock music fusing with electronic music. Cuneiform is simultaneously releasing two new, very different albums by Richard. Mu is a collaboration between Richard and noted guitarist and writer BARRY CLEVELAND, who has worked with many other artists in the field of ambient and experimental guitar. Barry was also an editor at Guitar Player magazine for over a decade. MICHAEL MANRING is best known for his many-year collaboration with the late guitar genius Michael Hedges, but he has also worked with players like Wadada Leo Smith, Attention Deficit, Spastic Ink, Henry Kaiser Will Ackerman, Holy Near a.o. CELSO ALBERTI is a Brazilian-born percussionist who has worked with many A-list musicians over the years, most recently working closely with Steve Winwood. "Richard and I had been talking about making a record together for years and were thrilled when the stars finally aligned to make it possible. We were also extraordinarily fortunate that bassist Michael Manring and drummer Celso Alberti were available for the date, given their jam-packed schedules. Richard was familiar with Michael and Celso's playing, and readily agreed that we should record together as a quartet. I believe there is a timeless quality to the music on Mu due both to its improvisational origins, and intentional choices made during its subsequent development." - Barry Cleveland This is a trancey, grooving work with a deep, funky spaciness.

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