• coquin migale Munro (8-track CD, £6.50)

    label: fierce panda

    Coquin Migale are from Newcastle and their debut album mixes together Coquin Migale’s fizzbombing releases thus far with some cracking Newcy newbies, while also having the decency to include next single ‘PT. 2’. 'Grindie' / ‘Twang’ was their first fierce panda single in May. As the title might suggest, ‘Grindie’ represents a winningly grin-worthy car-crash of grunge and indie, all smash-banging in under three manic minutes. As such it sets the musical template for ‘Munro’ with its hectic guitars and fragrant vocals and emboldened riffs and lovely subtle cosmic rock flourishes – much like the short sharp song titles ‘Munro’ rattles through eight tracks of terrifically poised and nonchalantly epic alt.rock in half an hour. Little wonder that the likes of ‘Grindie’ and previous releases ‘Gold’, ‘Socotra’ and ‘Luv’ should have all burrowed their sweet, sweaty ways into the hearts of the nation’s finest disc jockeying tastemakers such as Huw Stevens, Tom Robinson, John Kennedy and Phil Taggart as well as meriting the homegrown love of BBC Introducing Newcastle. Tracklisting 

1. GOLD 
2. Grindie 
3. Pt. 2 
4. Paris 
5. Luv 
6. Twang 
7. Frynge 
8. Socotra

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