• soho expresso  (CD, £8.50)

    label: Croydon Municipal

    On Bob Stanley's label, following up the acclaimed SOHO CONTINENTAL, here is a collection of coffee bar sounds from 50s and 60s London, the soundtrack to the birth of rock'n'roll, Gaggia machines, capuccinos, jukeboxes blasting out UK born sounds for boys in leather and beehived girls. TRACK LISTING 1. COFFEE BAR CALYPSO - Maxine Daniels 2. ESPRESSO The Pines 3. HOT CHOCOLATE CRAZY Eden Kane 4. COSSACK The Barons 5. HELD FOR QUESTIONING Billy Boyle 6. AMBUSH - Jeff Rowena Group 7. I GOT Danny Rivers 8. SQUATTY - Ken Mackintosh 9. SWEET TOOTH Les Howard 10. ON THE REBOUND Turk Ellis 11. HOTTA CHOCOLOTTA Dave King 12. JAM ROLL The Planets 13. IF THE SHOE FITS - Johnny Wiltshire 14. COFFEE BAR JIVE - Joe Mr Piano Henderson 15. TEENAGE DELINQUENT Suzy Cope 16. FURY Bert Weedon 17. CARVE UP Adam Faith 18. FRIED ONIONS - Ted Taylor Four 19. FOXY LITTLE MAMMA Little Tony 20. GOLDEN STRIKER - Jack Parnell 21. PRETEND - Tony Dunning 22. SLEEP WALK - Ken Mackintosh 23. GOODNESS KNOWS - Ricky Wayne 24. GAMBLER'S GUITAR - Vinny Lee & The Riders

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