• la femme Mystère (double LP, £20.95)

    label: Born Bad

    Returning with a more psychedelic sound and a range of guest vocalists that slice through the starkest of electro beats, 'Mystère' sees La Femme celebrating all that's wonderful about their city Paris. Recorded between a castle in Brittany and a Paris basement before being finished up with Sonny Diperri (Animal Collective) in LA, 'Mystère' once again sees backgrounds blurred and worlds collide. The band's chic retro-futurist surf-pop sound possesses the same dose of glamorous punk stomp as previously, but now layered with an elegant fusion of influences including Ennio Morricone, Marie Et Les Garçons, The Velvet Underground, oriental sounds, Turkish disco, Tuareg blues, medieval psychedelia, and mainstays s.a. Brian Eno and Pink Floyd.

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