• pional When Love Hurts (4-track 140g vinyl 12", £8.75)

    label: Counter Records

    ĎWhen Love Hurtsí is not only Pionalís most personal work to date but also his best, following releases on Hivern Discs, Young Turks and Permanent Vacation.  Inspired by love and loss, this is frequent John Talabot collaborator Pional adding pop melodies and his own vocals to his deep, compulsive electronics.  The celebrated Empress Of also provides a startling epilogue to this brilliant EP.  Vinyl with reverse board sleeve and 3mm spine.  Mastered by Heba Kadry at Timeless Mastering.  Bespoke artwork by Manuel Donada.  Pional aka Miguel Barros is a multi-instrumentalist, empyrean vocalist, top-drawer DJ, composer and producer. He was at one time Spainís best kept electronic underground secret.  Previous releases as both Pional and Lost Scripts (a collaboration with close confidant John Talabot) via Talabotís Hivern Discs, Young Turks and Munichís Permanent Vacation.  Pional is an integral part of John Talabotís live show, which featured prominently in Resident Advisorís Top 20 Live Acts of 2012.  Pional has remixed many contemporaries, including Little Dragon, Rosie Lowe, Jessie Ware, Empress Of and Jamie xx..

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